VANILLOUNGE rumba nova

Fruity - Tasty - Jazzy - Exotic

come over and see...
the sky, the lagoon, the Jazz Club
listen to...
the dolphins, the ocean, the Band
wind blows in your hair and honey drops in your potion,
you taste the cocktail, the salt, the life
you feel music in every pore.
You see, you feel, you taste, you listen to Vanillounge
It's music with body & soul
Let‘s have a Cocktail of Jazz, Bossa, Cha cha cha, Mambo, Soul und R&B -
it tastes like paradise.

Welcome to the VANILLOUNGE.

This is our musical paradise.
We are a band with passion and love to mix a new style of the world music
sound. It's Latin, Soul, Pop Music, Tiki, Jazz, originals, rearrangements
and remixes, acoustic and electronic sounds. We call it RUMBA NOVA.
MUSIC IS ONE WORLD - there's no place like music.

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